Current Job Openings


Employment at WVS

WVS is a small business. Job opportunities do come up occasionally, but frankly, we don’t often hire applicants who see the web page and apply by email. We prefer to hire writers we’ve met through networking, writers whose personalities and work quality we already know from previous professional contact, such as through STC Sacramento.

In a world where much technical writing is undistinguished, we look for outstanding writers who deliver the highest quality work under budget and ahead of schedule. We expect powerful, active-voice writing, quickness to learn, strong organizational skills, and consistent, diligent effort.

We also value good in-person communication skills as much as good writing skills. We are a very friendly, informal group that stays in frequent communication by phone and helps each other get through the day with humor. We look for relaxed, personable writers who like people and enjoy talking to us and our clients.

If you fit the profile, give us a call. We’d rather talk with you first and look at your resume after we’ve had a chance to chat. Be prepared to send us examples of your work and talk to us about people we may know who can recommend you. See our “Contact” page for phone numbers.


Our salaries equal and frequently exceed market rates, particularly after you prove your value to our company.

Help for Beginners

We like to help quality professionals get started in technical writing. When conditions permit, we may create internships or first-contract opportunities to help you jump start your career. Give us a call to see if we can help.


Paid holidays. Both permanent and temporary employees get nine or ten paid holidays per year as determined by management. (It depends on how the floating holidays fall.)

Retirement. Permanent employees enjoy matching IRA contributions with investment options in a number of competitive stock, bond, and money market funds.

Doctors' visits. Both permanent and temporary employees may make visits to the doctor, dentist, therapist, etc., on company time without penalty.

Bonuses. WVS has a history of paying generous cash bonuses for high achievement. While this is not a guarantee and no bonus schedule exists, it is a persistent trend when profitability allows it.

Equal Opportunity

Willow Valley Software is an EEO/AA/H/V employer, hiring without regard to age, gender, race, creed, color, religion, national origin, physical limitation, or sexual orientation.