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There is no doubt that quality communication—quality written communication—is paramount toColored chalk success in business today. But who will you get to produce this quality writing?

Sometimes it may not be efficient or cost-effective to hire outside writers, so you will have to depend on your in-house staff. We can ensure that they have the knowledge and training to craft clear and well-written letters, reports, web pages, press releases, or other important documents.

At WVS, we currently have four courses covering different types of writing. These courses can be easily tailored to meet your individual needs. Call us today to discuss your training requirements and pricing.

Training Courses

Writing Better Email

Remember when we were told that email would revolutionize the world saving time and improving productivity. Most companies and individuals today would argue that it has had the opposite effect. We are deluged with email, much of it either poorly written or just outright spam. This course will help you bring your email under control, reduce stress, and improve productivity. It teaches how to write better emails and how to manage your email. To get a head start, download our FREE pamphlet: "999 Great Ways to Improve Your Email."

Clear Writing Principles

This is the basic course. We cover all aspects of writing clearly for all types of documents from emails to book-size, highly technical reports. This course is designed for the full range of employees, from upper management to office staff.

Technical Report Writing

There is a vast difference between writing a short article and developing a major report, yet many believe that the skills are the same—they're not. Sad to say, we've seen major scientific reports documenting hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of work that appear to have been written by a high-school dropout. Don't let your image be ruined like this. This course will give your report writers the necessary skills to develop well-designed and clearly written reports that reflect professionalism in all respects.

Writing Effective Press Releases

Good publicity is so important to your image. Yet frequently, a company's press releases are hastily written, with little thought. This can result in either no mention of your success in the news media or information that is reported incorrectly. This course teaches everything necessary to ensure good, clear press releases which, more importantly, will provide positive accounts of your achievements in the press.