Publishing Services

At WVS, we have a lot of experience with publishing trade books, as well as developing technical content for corporations. We provide a full supermarket of services.

Graphic of computer with papers flying offOur publishing services help publishers and authors take care of the important processes that must be done to get a book “out the door.” We can advise you about improving your procedures, or just do the tasks for you.

Business Processes for Publishers

Select and develop the right books. We can assist you with manuscript evaluation, manuscript management, market analyses and plant cost workups.

For distributors and publishers of all sizes, we can help you improve order processing and shipping. Sometimes just a little automation will go a long way. We can also improve the FileMaker order application your reps are using.

Editing for Authors and Publishers

We do edits at all levels for authors and publishers: conceptual editing, developmental editing and copy editing. We can do research and fact-checking, too.

Agent Submissions for Authors

When you want to put your manuscript in front of an agent, rely on us for help with pitch letters, outlines, summaries, sample chapters and bios.

We can develop lists of agents who are right for you, send your packages out and manage the responses, too.

Design for Authors and Publishers

We do interior design, and make it right for several popular composition packages. We also design covers/dust jackets. Naturally, we can set everything up for the commercial or POD printer.

We can arrange for stock photos or take the photos for you.


Don’t forget the preliminaries. We can get you ISBNs and LCCNs. When you’re ready to solicit reviews, we can get your ARCs for you.


We’ll help you select the best printer for your book, and if you like, we’ll handle relations with the printer.


Bring a book to the right audience has many parts. Ask us about market analysis, photos, bios, media contact, radio/TV coaching and video book trailers.


A website’s an essentially part of publishing a book. We can advise you about every part of this. Also, we do website design, develop web content, find the best Internet service providers, do shopping cart setup and do Search Engine Optimization.

Social Networking

Social networking will boost sales and build an author’s brand. We’ll give you advice about Facebook and Twitter. We can develop a blog strategy for you and set up your blog.

Amazon Support

Just being on Amazon isn’t enough anymore. Take advantage of “Look Inside this Book,” author pages, forums and reviews. We’ll tell you how, or if you want, we’ll get it done for you.

Ebooks and Other Forms of Publishing

When it’s right for you, publish your books for Kindle or ePUB readers. We do these conversions.

Later, you may want to look at audio books and large print versions of your titles.



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