The USS Rall Documentary (on DVD)


The USS Rall Documentary is now available on DVD.

After two years of hard work, Kurtis Kunsak, son of crewman Johnny Kunsak, has completed a documentary of the USS Rall from pre-commissioning to the end of WW II. The video uses actual motion pictures taken aboard the Rall, imported action shots simulating events as they occurred, still photos, and maps that follow every voyage. Narrators describe the details as they unfold.

The DVD is 53 minutes long, and a great portrayal of life aboard a World War Two Destroyer Escort. You won’t want to miss this!

The DVD is free to family and members of the I crew. For others, there's a nominal charge is $10.00 including shipping. This helps support the crew fund.

To get a copy, phone Richard Graves at (530) 273-0931, or e-mail him at

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